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Friday, August 13, 2010

Picking up friends for the trip

Well then! The very first post (available below) in my journey to tell The Story of Here has already attracted quite a few fellow travelers. Welcome!

First, Pete wrote to answer my question about how streets are named: “Why should Kipling and Wadsworth be followed by a street named for a general: Sheridan?”

“These are all names of great English authors.”

You got me, Pete. Richard Brinsley Sheridan: eighteenth century playwright and member of the British House of Commons. Buried in Westminster Abbey. (Maybe you can explain the next two streets in the sequence as well: Federal and Pecos.)

Paul Wayne, friend and fellow explorer wrote: “Your mission, your garden ... as usual my brother, you have a way of beginning that which needs to be begun. Would you be up for being cloned? The world could use several millions of ya.”

Well, that’s the idea—to use the DNA of words and ideas to create a new world.

My favorite response by far came from Kate in Bellingham, WA:

“I love your article on mapping!  I am part of Transition Whatcom and am starting a smaller Transition group in my neighborhood, and mapping it like you describe sounds like great fun!  I feel like a kid again- we were the true explorers. 
We knew where the creek went and where you could find the most tadpoles, who had a funny statue that peed into a little pond, who had a trampoline and when they were not home, we could sneak under shrubbery to find out who was rich and who drank beer out on their porch, we knew where the scary dogs were and how to go around them, which fence to climb to get wild blackberries, which old lady had adopted a one-eyed cat and gave out candies if you listened to her stories a while, and of course, where  the best sledding was.  
Yay!! My bike beckons!”

That’s the spirit!

Finally, I’d like to welcome all the readers who reach The Story of Here via Transition Boulder’s fabulous website I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.

More soon…



Anonymous said...

Ah, more Transition Town folks. Good to see.

I'll be in Bellingham next week for my TT training, to bring back to our small island in the Pacific Northwest.

Will likely contact your friends at TT Boulder for advice in the coming weeks.

Fooducopia said...

It was a pleasure to meet you. After reading your posts and related comments, I hope my explorations on my bike reach your new garden.
I look forward to reading more of your excellent writing.
Best regards,

Eric said...

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.
Steven Wright